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Doesn't take much to induce any form of reaction once Islam gets included and lo and behold, here we go again.

Slight problem here, one I'm sure you've all thought about, as did the originator of the petition. What was included in the complaint that gave the GMC no choice other than to resort to suspending the Dr ?...suspension is a pretty drastic action after all and surely there may well be alternative sanctions available.

You see, if you read this report, the comments by the Doctor bear a close similarity, in one sense, to those from Jonathan Aitken and that bloke from Kent who was doing dodgy deals with lithium's their choice of words and terms that start to make you wonder just what did happen and what was said, and possibly even more pertinently how it was said. The medical profession can be quite dictatorial at times, as well as patronising. Combine the inflection from both forms of delivery and the result may well cause offence .
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