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We have no idea what form of veil this was. Could have been something light, but equally it may not have been. That IS girl chose to lift her face covering when being interviewed, presumably so that her voice would be clearer. Seems quite reasonable to me for a doctor, who cannot afford to make an error, to want the best chance of being able to assess what a parent was saying. FWIW, we don't know whether or not the woman involved was a native English speaker, either. It seems quite possible that she was not, making comprehension even more challenging.

What do those who choose to cover their faces do when required to present photo ID? Do they just refuse?

Seems to me that some choose to make a fuss just because they can. I can't walk in to a shop or petrol station payment area wearing a crash helmet, as there is, quite reasonably, a requirement for faces to be visible. I note that there's a case going on in Wales where a chap is being prosecuted for covering up his face and refusing to remove the face covering when asked. I wonder if the same would apply to someone choosing to wear a veil?

As for the claim that the veil is required by religious beliefs, then it might pay those that suggest that this is the case to read the Quran.
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