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If we assume that the pilot is being truthful...that he used FULL left pedal and the rotation did not stop...then this one goes into the history books as "just another 206 LTE accident."

But many of us have time in the 206L. Some of us here have LOTS of time in the 206L. Some of us can say...well, let's say we "doubt the pilot's recollection." Let's not say that he's lying about his use of full left pedal. Let's cut him some slack and say he is, umm, "misremembering." And, come on, admit it, what he said is what we'd all say.

If you are in an OGE downwind hover in any helicopter (but especially a LongRanger with that long tail boom) then you MUST expect that the ship will want to swap ends. You MUST be ready to counter any unanticipated, uncommanded yaw with whatever combination of controls works to stop it. Might be full pedal does the trick. Maybe a reduction in torque will do it if you're already at full pedal. Maybe moving the cyclic to the right or forward can be the solution. Maybe it takes all of those things. Trouble is, you have to do them NOW. You can't sit there and think about it until it's too late. Because if you're so clueless that you put your ship into an downwind OGE hover and you get unanticipated, uncommanded yaw, it's already really damn close to being too late.

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