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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
We are repeatedly told by Brexitters that the message on the Big Red Bus wasn't what it implied, and if people were too stupid to understand that was just their fault.

Exactly the same applies to Vote Labour signs. People will vote without understanding the implications.

​Brexit will be followed by a Labour government. Get used to the idea.
I agree the likely outcome is a Labour lead government, but depending upon just how much of a mess the 100,000 or so retired colonels and pensioned off WI members make of the upcoming Tory party leadership election (or if you prefer PM anointment) I think a more likely outcome will be a coalition, with Labour / SNP or Labour / LibDem - perhaps Lab / LibDem / SNP - which would, as an upside temper the worst excesses of Corbyn, and if you're of that persuasion (and no Brexit deal has been finalised by the time the election comes) the very real potential for a new referendum or cancellation of Art.50 (both potential coalition partners would be demanding either one or the other).
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