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The preliminary report doesn’t say this. Conditions were VFR (400 ft ceiling, viz 3 Nm) but below VMC minima. Usually „ops normal“ for helicopters. But as he was within a control zone, he had to request Special VFR clearance.

Problem maybe was more lack of depth perception over water combined with very low hours)just 100 HR TTRW).

In any case, his flight over water out of gliding distance from shore was probably illegal in the first place.
400/3 might be normal for commercial ops, but not private pilot joyriding! I can't imagine a school letting a private pilot (let alone one with only a hundred or so hours) take out their helicopters in that!

I do believe "beyond glide distace from the shore" is just the requirement for carrying a life jacket and flare and its only if the flight was "for hire".
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