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Originally Posted by A320LGW View Post
Well by all means educate the masses, go to schools for open days and make sure females are aware the career is open to them, I fully agree. However when it comes to the recruitment itself it should be an absolutely level playing field with no one favored based on their gender whatsoever. Sorry but I don't see how this is wrong, hire based on skills and talent, not gender or other items, I will have absolutely no issue saying this in person to anyone.
Totally agree and once theyll do this why not make sure to females that bricklayer careers are also available same as construction workers, Roofer, Firefighter, Bodyguard, Metal Crafter, Sanitaion Worker, Fisherman, Lumberjack, Prison worker, communication climber worker etc. etc. are also available.

Equal opportunity vs equal outcome. Very different things.
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