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Originally Posted by John Boeman View Post
May I suggest that as well as studying the writings of the IPCC you take a look over what the NIPCC produces....
Climate Change Reconsidered ? Climate Change Reconsidered

I have just read through some of that material. As I said in my previous post, none of the current climate models are fully convincing. This was true in 2011 when the NIPCC did their last overall climate assessment and it remains true to this date.
But the NIPCC is using this to toss out all climate models and any revelations that can be gleaned from the attempts to model the climate. The key revelation, as I said before, is that you cannot make a climate model that works without including human-generated (anthropogenic) CO2 as part of your model. None of the other factors have enough influence - and many of those other factors are pulling in the wrong direction (cooling rather than a net warming).

On the other hand, the NIPCC is very strong on a couple of the other points I made - that it may not be worth the economic expense to avoid some of the consequences - and that none of the measures proposed to "fix" climate change will reliably (or in many cases "likely") do that.
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