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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips View Post
It's a very fine line ORAC .

So would now be a good time to mention Boris............ and his day out to Liverpool after his " thoughtful opinion" about the City and the population ?.........
Don't mention Brexit in Liverpool, you may get your head kicked in or thrown in a fountain. As for up north, I only did Saxa and Spadeadam for 18 months apiece and the people there were fine. Never did Benbecula and only did short dets to the northern east coast radar sites. Some of the vitriol that is coming out of the Northerners I know on social media (Ex Military and Civvies) however is definitely pushing a high level of hatred. As for the Irish bloke's videos, he may be left wing and have a republican bent, but his research does explain the issues in a sensible manner and exposes the Brexiters total ignorance in the problems involved. There are other videos on YouTube that cover the complete cluster that this abortion has become by Sir Ivan Rogers (who is defo not left wing and does have an inside knowledge of how the EU actually works). His views about Johnson's (and all the other Tories) incompetence leaves nothing to the imagination.
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