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Originally Posted by Steepclimb View Post
Indeed he is. He's perfect for the job. In a way Britain needs him. His entirely predictable disastrous reign as PM will finally scupper the Eton educated elite hold on power.
​​​​​​The fact that the Torys think that another bumbling toff is the ideal candidate for PM in the face of a populist backlash tells you how out of touch with the people they are.

​​​​​In 1945, the people voted for Labour because they realised that WC was not a peacetime leader. The same fate will befall the Boris without the warm glow of a war won. . Unfortunately Corbyn is no Atlee.

Inevitably he will fall too like his friend Maduro will do in due course . I wonder how the political landscape will look after a Marxist Labour government falls?

Will it be right wing populist or Lib Dem?

The former unfortunately, as stated the "Peasants are Revolting" and they come from the countryside (mostly) !!!

Some interesting videos of talks done by an Irish author Fintan O'Toole, about the effects of Brexit on the GFA and how it came about from an external view point. The rise of English Nationalism as a driving force for this whole mess is quite believable based on my own observations having travelled all over the UK in both my service and civilian career's. The bit he does miss out is the Northerner's basic hatred of London and the South East, that is where Cameron and May cocked up (Cameron in hoping that labour voters would save the Conservatives and May in thinking that only Conservatives voted for UKIP). To given an example, I was working on a project up in Sunderland three months ago. Most of the engineers were local and they stated in no uncertain terms that they hated working down south just because the pace of the place was much faster that they were used to. I'll link the video's here as Boris does get a mention or two.

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