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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
We talk of decapitation; what would happen should the Cabinet, baring one or two, resign? A leader without any followers . . .
Had something vaguely similar at college.

The JCR committee kept wittering on about some commie campaign or other that they thought the JCR ought to be interested in, so the JCR mandated the lot of them to attend the demo.

Whoops. As the committee were all in their third year, and actually quite keen on passing their exams, they weren't very keen on being forced to take a day off revision to go to some demo. So, because they were refusing to do what the meeting mandated, they had to resign.

All of them.

Which made calling new elections, as needed to elect their replacements, tricky, because calling an out-of-sequence election had, according to the constitution, to be agreed by the committee ... and there wasn't one.
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