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Originally Posted by yellowtriumph View Post

No surprises there I think. It's become quite clear that the EU MEP elections in the UK are simply a re-run of the 2016 referendum but with a better informed electorate. The UK electorate simply see this as a one issue vote in which case you can vote for:

1. Conservative - don't know whether they want to leave or not.
2. Labour - won't tell you whether they want to leave or not.
3. Lib Dem - definitely want to remain in the EU.
4. Brexit party - definitely want to leave the EU with no deal.
5. Other parties - wasted vote.

So if you're are a remainer or leaver you're going to vote Lib Dem or Brexit and that's what's it all about. It will be very interesting how the final outcome is spun by leave and remain cohorts.
What about the 4 other parties, and some independent candidates,, who all 'definitely want to remain in the EU' ?
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