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Thank God for men of NCPís calibre. If it had been me (ruled out on grounds of specialisation, expertise and looks) in command - relieved of command - then asked to park the barge because no one else could - Iíd have told Ďthemí to wedge it. Petulant I know - but humbling that he turned to.
I have to come clean. When we (FW FAA) became part of 3 Gp they gave us CS95 because Crabs couldnít do exercises unless dressed like soldiers. (Or other tenuous reason to give us camo clothing and rucksacks). Never wore the stuff on duty but used it at the weekend for rough shooting and fishing. I also wore the fleece with thumb holes when washing the car. I never deployed with the rucksack- preferring a grip, but it is currently doing very well on a DoE exped with my youngest. Using a defence asset that pusser gave me to help defend the realm in such frivolous - weekend - circumstances was and remains deplorable. I apologise and am very much grateful that my behaviour didnít cost me command of my small but perfectly formed, AMRAAM toting, sea based bumper gun jet.
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