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Was in Lauda Air, only company I worked for with him as boss(thanks god). However, had him a few times on the flight deck(especially on that Hamburg flights to check on Lufthansa Maintenance), from pilot to pilot a very nice chap to talk with Usually sat with us all the way on his jumpseat. Loved when we did "sporty" approaches(tell me which airlines does approve such a thing nowadays, back then HE WAS on the flightdeck and loved it), we did as well. Not pleasant as a boss however, two very different things. I guess I really liked the racedriver and pilot in him, not the businessman(however, he bought the best available equipment possible at that time(e.g. FULL option CRJ's with double FMS/IRS which was far away from airline standard at that time) because he knew what a pilot needs to get the job done properly. If I think to my current outfit with their messed up, minimum(make that actually a "no option") 737's from the fantastic green island, one want's to cry.

Let's say it was nice to have a chat with this colourful person from time to time, did NOT enjoy being one of his employees. However, Kudos what he accomplished within a corrupted(up till now) Austrian political system(tell me one that is actually not corrupted), especially bringing up Lauda Air against the will of, at that time, powerful(because state owned) Austrian Airlines. Loved how we kicked their a** and would join him in this battle anytime again. And how he forced that Austrian Airlines management to buy overpriced Lauda Air(was out at that time already, not my fight anymore) which eventually broke their back and they got bought up by Lufthansa. Well deserved.

R.I.P. Niki Lauda. It was fun walking a bit of your path with you, even it was a financial loss for me(and many other of my fellow pilots).
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