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One of the bravest, and boldest, persons in racing. He earned his respect through hard work, determination and a talent that encompassed both the driving and technical side of racing. His later accomplishments as a businessman are marked by the same determination and bravery; making money out of setting up no less than 3 airlines is no small feat.

He was a pilot for more than 40 years, and was just about to take delivery of a brand new Global 7500, which he'd pilot himself. He also flew his passengers around himself from time to time, both out of a love of flying but also, as the hard nosed businessman he was, to get out on the sharp end of the operation and see what's really what. He famously told stories about his time flying a Fokker 50 in the beginning of his airline days, making an enroute PA inviting interested passengers to come forward and say hello. 50 people simultaneously rose up and headed towards the cockpit, resulting in a rather pronounced CG shift. After that, they found a system where only a few got up at a time.

But most of all he was a racer all his life, having used his immense talent, grit, courage and full focus to win 3 DWC's at a time, when a season of racing usually ended up with one or more driver fatalities. And not only did he survive telling Enzo Ferrari his car was shit, but also proved it to the old man by fixing the front end and going 0.8 second faster around Fiorano.

Long may the memory of this great man be with us.
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