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Originally Posted by cavortingcheetah View Post
1. An agreed deal that would provide European and British stability is now impossible in this most bilious of situations which has been so distinguished by the lies and dishonour on all sides and in nearly all individuals involved.
3. A revocation of Article 50 would mark the culmination of utter international humiliation. It would ruin the reputation of the country for years to come and the, combined with the punitive taxation at both corporate and private levels of a Marxist government will ensure that no one would trust good old Blighty for many a year to come.
2. There is no no deal crash out. There is no need to scarify the business to hand.ayou just fix the paperwork and walk away. That's what men do in. business when they can't agree on something. The deal didn't go down is both a dismissal and an invitation to look at another,
I think, Mr Cheetah, undoubtedly you are correct in your assessment of the consequences flowing from a Marxist government. Few of any intellectual capacity would see things differently but it seems to me that we are living in a strange vacuum where normal considerations are rejected and the tenets by which we have lived for centuries are discarded. Lewis Carroll would be in his element here!

1. Thanks to the manner in which the staggeringly incompetent Prime Minister and her supporting coterie of cardboard cut-outs handled the exit process, any worthwhile deal always was an impossibility. Currently, the only means of achieving anything like a position of advantage to the UK is to walk away, adopt WTO and from that properly defined position, seek to negotiate with Brussels.
3. The revocation of Article 50 would indeed represent a self-inflicted national humiliation of incalculable consequences. 31/2 years ago, I would not have been able to conceive such a ridiculous and seemingly impossible position. Now, given the totality of absolute bloody uselessness and venality of those purporting to represent the electorate, I can see this outcome as entirely plausible.
2. The "deal" has never been part of the deal. It is a device confected by the establishment to thwart the referendum conclusion and has been used to great effect by those mentioned in 2 above.

It is facile to write off Farage and the Brexit party as a convenient depository of the disaffected. This fails to acknowledge the raging anger felt by the populace at large and the reasons for it. Obviously, Brexit is at the heart of the new party's appeal but additionally, and to a very large extent, those intending to support the Farage faction regard the Houses of Parliament as today's equivalent of the Augean stables; both parliamentary institutions being full of excrement and urgently in need of a damned good clear-out. Nigel Farage may be no Hercules but he's the nearest we've got.

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