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Originally Posted by safetypee View Post

1_of_600, an ‘omission’ if the aircraft characteristic was previously known. If unknown then its a ‘flaw’, a big flaw in aircraft certification.
You're right, semantics do matter sometimes...

So, by omitting data and information about a known characteristic, did Boeing produce a flawed certification, and a flawed training simulation model? If MCAS "runaway" wasn't a known characteristic, it will not be in the simulation.

Regarding the forces necessary to move the stab trim wheel, I think you mentioned extrapolation in an earlier post... You're probably right about that. However the sim manufacturers also have limitations set by the characteristics of the hardware they install in the sim. They probably would not include a simulated trim wheel system capable of producing that level of force without expensive design to limit it's own potential runaway, purely from safety considerations. Probably one of the many things being re-thought now.
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