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Originally Posted by A320ECAM View Post
It is clear as water in the video that after the final bounce, the aircraft landed hard and went through the MLG. This in turn caused the aircraft to scrape along the runway, which ruptured the fuel tanks.
I think the events were slightly different, not that it changed the ultimate outcome (or the primary causes). "The aircraft landed hard and went through the MLG - which themselves ruptured the fuel tanks - and then scraped along the runway."

Looking at the better video (Post 405, time 00:20-00:21) of the bounces and aftermath, it can be seen that there is a separate fireball that occurs briefly in the wake, about 20 meters behind the aircraft. There was already fuel loose as a large fuel-vapor cloud (mixed with smoke) trailing behind the aircraft within a fraction of a second of touchdown.

See also post 38 - previous SSJ MLG collapse which also spilled a lot of fuel (fortunately, without ignition).
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