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Originally Posted by sadtraveller View Post
It is rather concerning, given the results of the NTSB investigation, that the FAA refuses to provide information on what happened to this controller, even to the NTSB. Her actions nearly cost hundreds of lives. Surely the public's safety and confidence in the air traffic control system should outweigh privacy concerns in this instance.

Furthermore, given the apparent level of competence demonstrated by the controller, it is worth asking whether this controller was hired as part of the FAA's revamped ATC hiring policy, which substantially reduces the weight of AT-SAT scores and aviation background. That change was widely suggested to put other factors "ahead of airline safety.” Did it nearly lead to a major aviation disaster, and is it likely to lead to one in the future?
What a load of b*ll crap!

She is a highly experienced controller with nearly 20 years on the job, including 5 years as a military controller (US Navy) before she joined the FAA.
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