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Can someone tell me where this LIGHTNING STRIKE cause has been proven or even half proven? To me it is obfuscation to deflect cause away from airline and Russia. If a lighting strike can down a plane, then the plane is not properly constructed. I have been struck too many times to mention including a ball of St Elmo Fire rolling down the entire cabin front to back with no ill effects.
A straw poll of a few friends this morning of recent crashes shows that whoever gets the info out first wins

Concorde - blamed on Continental Airways
AF 447 blamed on icing of pitot tubes
BMA Kegworth blamed on new instruments
Lionair and ET blamed on MCAS. - yes I know the jury is out but I am really looking forward to the true story to emerge in due course. I could be wrong but I have cited human factors and lack of training as major causes since the beginning of these discussions. And you won't fix that with a quickie software fix.
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