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My fellow pilots ,
Those golden days of aviation are never coming back. Telme am airline a region where people were and are happy . I was at my airline it made me fly alott, dead headings , midnight departures followed by very early mornings and well the salary was a joke . Still I stuck around for 6 months without salary knowing any other airline I join in my country my terms and conditions will further deteriorate. Now I am night be unaware or not educated about various other airlines and their terms and conditions but I think taking into everything in account , Ek isnít a bad deal . I heard someone here making a remark about third world living conditions and mentality well I am from a third world country and for me Dubai will be an upgrade in terms of living , airline in terms of current salary , less flying and the big shiny jet . You win some you loose some , there is not perfect airline . Thatís what I think from my very limited experience in aviation . So while this is happening I will be in denial about the negatives and keep my self focused and positive . Good CRM and attitude is no good on a great day and flying conditions but in bad conditions and days .
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