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Up Down, many of us are professionals here. As a decade plus cabin crew this accident really got my attention due to the evacuation really not going as expected . I also prefer to get facts from a report but we all know that takes years (if the facts ever all.come out) in the meantime if there is anything to learn here that may save lives down the track Id rather know it now. To be honest this sort of video is a sorely needed wakeup call for the tiny percentage of crew who gloss over the realities of the job and think it's all travel and Instagram. There's not a lot of footage of seriously dire emergencies from a cabin standpoint so into its a valuable training resource that hopefully will be be used in future to train crews. Simulated emergencies are never going to induce the fear seen here. It's do some crew good to be exposed to this response in pax before they face it in reality.

I put the video link behind a cut for a reason, unfortunately the website forces the preview which I'd rather weren't there.

The social media videos may well be what brings full disclosure of all facts- Russian authorities historically haven't had the best track record so although it's not great from some.pperspectives to have footage out there, perhaps the result will balance it out in the end. Unfortunately there will always be ghouls especially on the internet.
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