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Originally Posted by TwinAisle View Post
Joking (whoops. 7oking) aside.....

My friends with military service advise me that there is a group of online military folks who devote themselves to searching for 'Walts' (a tribute to Walter Mitty) - the sort of sad and inconsequential old farts who buy medals on eBay and ponce about in a uniform they have no right to wear at cenotaphs and other solemn events the length of the country, in the hope that people who don't know any better treat them as heroes..

I do wonder whether people like us, with a handle on reality and a grounding in the industry, might perhaps serve a similar function in future, digging out the likes of 7U and his nutty followers??
That's one option for filling our time post Jason, the other would be to start an airline of our own. After all, how hard could it be?

I've no relevant experience, but my delusions suffer less grandeur, I'll handle scheduling.
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