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Whilst cyber security threats abound, and inevitably will continue to do so, what makes the potential threat from Huawei more serious is that their equipment and software could end up embedded in our communications infrastructure. As has been inferred already ,If someone hacks into whats app, facebook or whatever social media platforms it can be embarrassing and inconvenient, but rarely fatal.
If the underlying communication network is violated, or can be turned off to order, it represents a much higher order threat. Forget about social media, worry about industrial and commercial infrastructure which relies on the internet to function. Not to mention military......
Integrity of our communication network is a big deal, and even a cursory glance at the HCSEC report referenced a few posts ago would suggest that all is not well with Huawei. All the more surprising that we seem to be able conclude that it is ok to continue with Huawei. They do seem to splash their cash around though..........
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