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Originally Posted by fatbus View Post
Don't worry about FCOM pre study . Try to get a copy of the checklist flows and get a handle on those , time well spent . Be prepared for multiple rookie instructors with big EGO's needing to be stroked and you will do just fine .
So very true. Is there anything else then Rookies in Instruction? Last time I actually had a seasoned man as TRE(meaning he actually was OLDER than me with MORE experience, so actually there was a chance that you would learn something apart from - "you should have asked for the weather for ALL alternates"(and we all know to which one the company wants me to go, yes, yes, always play the boring game - well, I am TO old for that shit to play in a sim) was 8 years ago.....

Normally, for ME airlines - if you know your SOP's(even being the worst pilot in the world) and you will be fine(IF not even be the next follow up TRE).
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