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I am with Senior Pilot here. RotorBabe, you do not help VF's case. Talking about discrimination is going too far.
I do not know, what the problem is between PPRuNe and VF. I only know, that I miss this thread. I would wish, that VF and Senior Pilot/PPrune staff would get that sorted out in a pub over enough beer to make them forget what the problem was. I would even pay the tab.
I would really appreciate it, if that thread continues as before and if the problem is really that there are too many pictures that are not related to helicopters, it is still a rotorhead that takes the pictures and I think, I got a much better view of the daily life on top of the world, than from any high gloss magazine. I do not mind not to have a rotorblade in every picture.
And for all those who want to make the "freedom of speech" claim: you can say what you want, but you can not force anybody to publish your stuff. That's freedom of the press BTW. Therefore PPRuNe has no obligation whatsoever to approve everything we say.

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