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Originally Posted by Dct_Mopas View Post
So where/when has any possible compensation from RR and Boeing been confirmed as being in cash? Quite often the compensation from will be in the form of reduced prices for future orders/ free training/ etc etc.

That doesn’t helped an airline struggling for cash. Also, passengers care not who’s at fault for flight cancellations and disruption. It will always be the airline to take the blame.
No chance will discounts for future orders be accepted as an equivalent unless you double the amount you talking of.

Airline paid the cash out so it requires repaying, refuse to pay and then Airline no longer pay for planes, cancel leases, handback aircraft and state unwilling to use because do not believe they are safe. Every other airline will then ask "Why and What do they know" and watch Boeing collapse.

I posted in another thread that a minor chip issue in 1994 cost Intel $500 and almost the company, it affected hundred users at most but everybody wanted it changed and other people stopped using Intel chips in their equipment.

Boeing go to court and will eventually get a final judgement in 2035 because that is how long it will take and Norwegian take Boeing to court for selling unsafe planes. Lawyers get rich and both go bust.

Boeing has no high road to take because only needs one Airline to hand back and refuse to fly as unsafe and watch everybody following.
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