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Well, it does not really matter how long an aircraft is AFTER the closed cockpit door. Keep the limitations in mind, the cockpit itself flies like any other plane .

Worked in the ME a while ago as skipper on A300-600 coming from the CRJ series. Quiet a big difference in MTOW BUT, to be honest, I did not find it overly difficult. The smaller CRJ actually required much better handling skills due to a relative aggressive roll rate(for an airliner), the lack of slats(100/200) and therefor a "dive" style approach with last second correction to land on the main gear instead of the nose wheel instead, NO autothrottles etc..
On the other hand the A300 was a train - you knew what will happen 30 miles later and proper pre-planning was required as with any widebody. And that are already the differences.

Fly the NG by myself, in terms of "not slowing properly down" it actually behaves like a wide body aircraft(especially if you have as well experience on the even worse SFP version of the NG). In my eyes a NG skipper will have no problems on the A380. Should be even easier. IF the 380 flies as well AS SLOW as the A320 series which very often forces me to re-plan to a F40 landing going into high density airports then it should be even easier ;-) .

Relax, enjoy the (looong) ride. Fighting the boredom will be most likely the bigger challenge

@Monach Man

I understand the frustration of some EK guys(was QR myself a long while ago, I think no further explanation needed and as EK guy suddenly the world does not look THAT bad anymore, right?). But let's be honest. WHICH Airline, even back here in Europe which I consider still the best place to be in a cockpit after I tried Asia, Down Under, ME, Europe, REALLY cares about it's employees? I went to fly for "harp" air and we all know what they think about their pilots, I return them the favour. BUT - I am based at home. Reality is, airline business is not anymore the thing it was 20-30 years ago, it never will be.

If you want some fake glamour, shiny new jets, a moderate paycheck you go ME. If you are more down to reality you stick with good old Europe(as a European of course, replace that otherwise with your "home" continent).

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