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FMGS Trainer

Originally Posted by Flyboy_73NG View Post

I did manage to get the soft copies of FCOM, FCTM and have started to going though it .
Thank you for your meaningful reply and encouragement.
My idea it to learn and keep evolving .
Thank you .
If you can get a version of the FMGS PC trainer it would go a long was to make you comfortable...

There are differences between the 73FMS and Airbus FMGS ... some subtle some not so ...

Worth remembering that Airbus is at FMGS ver 2.x compared to the 73 FMS update 17 or so... the reason arises primarily because the Airbus FMGS is part of the flight control system vs. the 73 FMS which does not have as much authority over the flight envelope ( Max excluded)
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