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Most documentaries or media pieces about ones own industry are derided by those inside it, certainly the case in my own field . I think think there are errors in the editing of some of these programs which could be avoided and they shouldnt try and dramatise things that are not insignificant problems but are routine. For my part I liked the lady captain who has featured throughout, she seems to be able to be relaxed but very serious and in control. For me the most interesting part of the programme is how it shows that the flight deck especially the captain have to deal with all sorts of unforeseen events often nothing to do with flying, other than schedule keeping, like the medical problems, baggage, drunk pax , ATC issues and can be pretty busy during the turnarounds . My wife an ex Speedbird London radio op from years back was alo interested in thata s she often had to take all kinds of messages ovr lost wheelchairs, sick pax, last minute delays and finding engineers who back in those days were not allowed to speak to the crew directly due to the radio licencing and everything had to be repeated by the radio op . Its also good to see a company allowing access to something of the shrp end of an operation rather than a day in the life of a loader at Luton , no disrespect to them , they are a cog in the machine too. And as for Easyjet-I usually fly BA, Avios to spend and LHR much nearer to me but all my EZ experiences as pax have been good seemingly very professional operated as much as one can tell from the back seats.
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