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Originally Posted by hans brinker View Post
Dude, chill....

I fly Airbus, and do not want to fly B737. Having said that, none of my 3 AOA indicators are tested before I am airborne. All my 7 flight computers self test to see if they are ok to fly, just like the FCCs(?) on the 737 will before flight. Does that mean that they will work once I rotate? No, but that is why I am there.
That is exactly how your Airbus was certified.

Your Airbus if something fails is still operating within the approved envelope as per certification requirements and required testing/training.

If one of your AoA fail at take off, nothing changes - it fly's the same.

I expect that when two fail, we have a problem? Was that iPad training you took?

The point is not a possible safety issue as most/many pilots have good flying skills and it may well be a non event. The point is when an AoA is U/S the aircraft is known to in certain parts of the envelope to be out of certification limits. Exactly where this is, and it varies it seems the physical effects are not known or experienced by airline pilots.

The basic problem is that the MAX can not meet certification without MCAS - How can shutting down MCAS be a solution?
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