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However, retracting the flaps could (regardless of risk level) allow the aircraft to be flown in a condition that is known not to be certifiable.

One would expect that the aircraft could not be certified (?) with flaps retracted.

I think this will be the sticking point, the aircraft NEEDS MCAS, the fix has introduced many ways to limit and deactivate MCAS.

Nothing has changed, only the thing that is required is often not available anymore.

It is not just a case of the aircraft is safe to fly, but it must fly like it's little brother, in every part of the envelope all the time - and it can not do this without an active MCAS.

I think for certification it needs a fail safe system that keeps MCAS alive or very low probability of being shut down.

The fix is to remove MCAS basically! When we can all see by the data that it operated exactly as it was told (designed) to do - MCAS never made an error! 3 inputs would be a clever option.
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