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Enough of this.

Right, this absolute farce has to come to an end. Unlike most of you, Iím no industry expert or anything of the like. I did, however, work with Jason at Stansted for around a year and a half.

I say on check-ins with him, boarded flights, you name it. He wasnít even capable of doing that at a decent level, so much so that if he was allocated a certain flight that was slightly difficult to check-in... Iíd personally request he got taken off for someone who was capable. Until recently, I was friends with him on Facebook but I canít deal with seeing the absolute nonsense he shares and posts about this and other things.

I remember when he first posted about this, he had gone to Primark to work. Just a general worker, no special position and thatís where his airline name came from. At one point, he was posting about a partnership with Primark, hence why he used their logo for it and all this other nonsense. I know a few people I worked with who he approached and they laughed him away, the boy is a complete and utter fantasist.

Thereís genuinely no need to check up on what he says, because everything is absolutely false. Pure made up in his head. He definitely lives on a different planet to the rest of us anyway. He went from Primark to Jet2, then out of nowhere this fantasy was born. Absolute madness. I can not believe that heís actually been published in online sites, even the most basic of checks could show this was nonsense.

The main thing thatís bothering me now though, this Jet thing, trying to give people hope and thatís just not on. Heís so far across the line now that he canít even see it. Something needs to be done because itís out of control now, he just tells lie after lie, latches himself onto anything and then pushes it. Itís crazy.

Iím sure his time will come though. Thereís only so long you can name drop people like he does and get away with it.
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