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Originally Posted by Harley Quinn View Post
A popular, but inaccurate view of the world I believe. Perhaps you fail to notice the tribalism and religious sects at the centre of most of today's current conflicts? Less about wanting land or resources and all about a desire to exterminate those who don't believe in the same gods. Even NI is still divided on sectarian lines. That is where the issues really lie.
Who the hell do you think introduced sectarianism to the North of Ireland. You really don't know your own history. Look up the Ulster plantation. Do you honestly think Irish people split between Catholic and Protestant? The protestants were by and large Scottish and English colonists planted in Ireland in order to pacify the country. They were and are foreigners designed to suppress the native population. Ireland was dominated and ruled by a minority of outsiders the British, for centuries. After a rebellion part of it gained a sort of independence. Meanwhile in Northern Ireland the last refuge of the colonists who believe themselves 'under siege' surrounded by the 'mere natives'.
The English did that.
Meanwhile in rest of the empire Britain exploited the differences the tribalism and religious differences. If you want one example look at Pakistan and India. That's the legacy of the empire.

The English were not the positive influence in the world they like to believe.

The remarkable ignorance shown here really puts some perspective on the motivation for Brexit. A fantasy borne out of false history and lies.
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