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Originally Posted by parabellum View Post
Nothing wrong with empires and colonies two and three hundred years ago, without them the world today would be just one great big present day Africa. History shows that the UK were among the more civilised of colonists, far less cruel than the French or Portuguese, for example and more inclined than others to develop a nations resources rather than pillage them. Not facts that appeal to British Empire apologists of course, but facts nevertheless.
Ah, facts and the "Glorious " ( vomit at will ) Empire.

Here's a few that seem to have escaped your jingoistic glazed eyes......and it was frightfully decent of you to mention natural resources as well...nothing like a bit of Class A distribution to swell the coffers !.....oh, and we didn't keep our capability to subjugate just those foreign types in their own countries, not the British, no sah !..we were just as ruthless with our own population.....never ones to rest on our laurels, we're now doing a more modern reprise on the population in the form of.....Brexit.

You may notice, that, strangely, there is a strong correlation over the years as to the demographic which gains the most from our little excursions across the globe...and those so fervently advocating our departure from the EU....



As you were in Aus for some tme, have you noticed any bemused looks from the locals in Derbyshire when you greet them with " G'day m'duck ".....the dulcet Aussie accent being hard to miss.?

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