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Let's set this truly straight.

He has a paranoid schitzophrenic delusion that he is an Airline Owner.

In this he is mistaken.

The truth is that he is an under-achiver who has sought to be/ acclaimed to be/ and then by Social Media ATTEMPTED to be something that he is, by nature, not.

It is an interesting case - I am a psychiatrist.

I urge him to seek help.

If he doesn't then he will have to live with the propspect of the Jet.Air employees coming to his house.

In my opinion this might be part of his "End Game" as we say in the trade. It is the final ACT of an individual - who has lost everything - and awaits his end at the hands of strangers..

(Jason - it is time to seek help from your GP - just show up and say how it is...they will help you)
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