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Originally Posted by flyfly21 View Post
I am almost complete with my assessment for the cadet program of Cebu pacific.
After reading the comments here on this thread, I am having second thoughts on pursuing my application with the airlines.
They offer a fly now pay later scheme but you would have a contract bond with them for 10 years and they will deduct 15% of your monthly salary to pay for the training

I feel like if I take this deal, ill be indebted to the company for a long time with poor working conditions.
Any thoughts about this in the long run if I accept the offer? Maybe I can build my flying hours here and move to another airline?
It's called "indentured servitude". You will become a slave to this company, and what you will be paying them is far, far more than you will get in return.

Are you really willing to give up 10 years of your life to a company that treats employees terrible? And they will let you know, often, that they in fact OWN you.

Your call. My advise is to run, now.
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