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Originally Posted by GordonR_Cape View Post
Since Ethiopian Airlines has only 4 (or 5) MAX aircraft delivered, and a total of 26 other B737 models in service, it would be rather surprising if they have one of the very few MAX simulators available worldwide. We do not know for sure (it may have been filmed elsewhere), and the CNN story is hardly proof either way. I don't think even Boeing have (or had) the ability to trigger an AOA fault, so this version seems rather irrelevant.
Having worked in Africa for a number of years, I do not find it at all surprising that Ethiopian Airlines would have a MAX 8 simulator.

It is very possible that is standard practice in the company. An Aircraft division and a training division each with different managers. Both managers hold a cheque book and both get wined and dinned, I hardly see the training manager saying "Nah I do not need to go to the USA - it's the same as the NG"

Not having a trigger for a (or both) AoA fault/s in a simulator would be a very big surprise as they input a few systems.

L39 Guy - what would you class Botswana's safety record as?

Airline commercial obviously.
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