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Originally Posted by BDAttitude View Post
It's just that I don't see the costs that could have been cut by doing so.
The CNN feature you have linked seems to be very superficial. I can't see them trying to stall the aircraft or introducing a AOA fault. So where should MCAS come into action. It's a scenic flight in the simulator and the statement that there was no MCAS intervention is ambiguous to me.

However there is still negligence and the bad suprises are many.
Maybe someone has more detailed knowledge one the capabilities of the 8 MAX simulators (one of which seems to be located in Ethopia, which is at least suprising to me).
Since Ethiopian Airlines has only 4 (or 5) MAX aircraft delivered, and a total of 26 other B737 models in service, it would be rather surprising if they have one of the very few MAX simulators available worldwide. We do not know for sure (it may have been filmed elsewhere), and the CNN story is hardly proof either way. I don't think even Boeing have (or had) the ability to trigger an AOA fault, so this version seems rather irrelevant.
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