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Originally Posted by Smythe View Post
Boeing just issued a statement on their website:

Boeing Statement on AOA Disagree Alert
What a house of cards.

If you read the statement it goes to great lengths to show how they determined over and over again that the AOA disagree alert does not impact flight safety. Which, if there wasn't an autonomous flight control system that has full authority over the horizontal stabilizer based solely on the output of a single AOA vane, might actually be true.

Left unaddressed by the Boeing statement is that their determination is only operative until you have a previously unknown system that utilizes a single AOA input and can trim the horizontal stab down at 2.5 degree intervals all the way to the stops. Until the airplane is in an unrecoverable state should the crew not react quickly and accurately enough.

Oops!! We forgot about that one!!

I've got ten bucks that says Boeing ends up in bankruptcy to protect them from the various and numerous liabilities they are now facing. (Orders that won't be filled, dead people, lost revenues by airlines already in possession of the airframes, future liabilities, etc...)

I've got another tenner to donate if the MAX is flying again before the end of the year, and one more for it never flying again in passenger service.

That's my gambling quotient for this year- I hope it pays well!!

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