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Importance of the AoA disagree message

As an experienced 737 pilot I am little bemused at the suggestion that an AoA disagree message would decisively help things one way or the other. Faced with a stick shaker on take-off you are either stalled or you are not. It takes about three seconds to assure yourself that you are not, thus the sensed AoA is in disagreement with reality. AoA disagree? Check!

While I agree with the thrust of 737 Driver's argument, I am also aware that human perceptions and reactions are a lot more complex than we wish them to be. Crew performance can vary across a broader spectrum than we assure ourselves is the case.

I have watched pilot experience levels and basic skill sets decline over the years. The industry would be in crisis if demonstration of old fashioned handling skill sets were suddenly required to be paid more than lip service.

With regard to Boeing: I wonder how they will keep their ODE status, and I wonder if the FAA will be required, under this administration, to return to a more hands-on oversight role.

I would expect other regulators, if not the FAA, to require Boeing to address those other system concerns flagged by the whistleblowers prior to the Max flying again.
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