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I used to work for an American Oil & Gas company who had an interesting technique for ensuring meetings didn't drag on too long.

1. The meeting agenda was circulated and everybody who wanted to contribute put their piece into the agenda including an expected duration of the presentation.
2. Everybody attending the meeting had a notional hourly cost assigned to them.
3. The total duration of the meeting and the hourly cost was aggregated from the assigned durations with an equal time +20% added for answering questions.
4. When the total cost was reached the meeting was closed and the items that didn't make the table were the first ones on the agenda for the next meeting which made the people who had dragged out the items that caused the original meeting to overrun focus on keeping it concise next time!

We also did the Bullsh1t Bingo to great success in highlighting certain people's overuse of acronyms and general balleaux!
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