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Almost 30 years ago,just a few weeks after I moved to this house,I was awakened in the early hours of the morning by a bang/bump.Rolled over and went back to sleep,but when I went down the following morning,I found that my VW Golf,which had been parked since the previous afternoon,had rolled about 20-30 feet down the drive into the garage door,which was smashed.The door was in a bad state of repair,and was due for replacement anyway,so as there was no noticeable damage to the car,I think I claimed on the house-hold insurance for a new door to be fitted,and actually felt that I had benefited from this mishap.However,within only a couple of months,exactly the same thing happened again,though there was less damage to the now,new door,and I paid for the repair from my own pocket.I honestly can't remember what my practice was beforehand,but ever since,I have always left any car in-gear when parked.
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