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Advice needed re insurance claim

Looking for some advice regarding a vehicle that has struck and damaged one of my fence posts.

There is a lane running down the side of my house, the entire boundary which is fenced. Last weekend a young lady managed to hit a concrete fence post, cracking it in the process and also cracking 3 concrete gravel boards. The wooden panels themselves seem OK. Her car was rendered undriveable and subsequently removed on a recovery truck.

To the young lady's credit, she did knock immediately and inform me of what had happened, and we swapped details. She said that she intended to put the damage right, either paying for it herself or via her insurance. This was nearly a week ago and I've heard nothing since.

I do have home insurance which covers this type of damage, but I am unsure on whether to I need to contact my insurers? Would they deal with this sort of thing even if I am not making a claim myself? Or will it all need to be dealt with via the lady's insurance? (Assuming she's not coughing up herself)
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