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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips View Post
For those unfamiliar with Trafford, let's just say it's a Tory heartland and always has been. Hence it's a surprise to see even the faithful deserting the party as the BBC shows.....however, note the lament from one Mr Brady here.....
Minor point of order from a Trafford resident - South Trafford is indeed Tory heartland, but North Trafford is very much Labour, which is why the council has had periods of a Labour majority in the past. However the overall point is fair.

My ward was the most interesting of all. It had always had 3 Tory councillors, but last time out the Greens spent the couple of years leading up to it campaigning very hard on very specific local issues, and were rewarded with both of the seats up for grabs, though not with huge majorities. This time round we saw a lot of Green campaigning, but virtually nothing from Labour or the Conservatives (who held the seat up for grabs). That seemed very odd until I saw the result- the Greens won with something like 3/4s of the vote, and the Tory got even less than Labour (about 150)! Obviously the early private polling in the ward had shown the Tories in particular that campaigning was a waste of money.

Im assuming that the Greens concentrated most of their resources on our ward, as their results in the other Trafford wards were more as youd expect - largely in with the also rans.
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