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Gertrude: The "honorable" member had 2 strikes against her before the jail sentence was called for:
1. She was a politician
2. She was a solicitor
Her subsequent behaviour was therefore not unexpected!

Re Gavin Williamson: I have never liked the man, there is something of the snake oil salesman about him. However, if the man is to have fingers pointed at him and serious allegations made about his behaviour then he is surely entitled to at least see the outcome of the inquiry.
I believe the Met Police is deliberately fudging the issue with the constant repetition of the line "We can only investigate a breach of the Official Secrets Act if we are asked to by the Cabinet Office". On the radio yesterday was a discussion with a former Director of the CPS, a QC, who said if any member of the public thinks a crime has been committed, they are entitled to report it to the police and the police will be obliged to investigate at least to determine whether or not a crime may indeed have been committed and to proceed accordingly.
But then, the decisions here come from a person responsible for for the infamous "Round 'em up and send 'em home" policy, otherwise known as Windrush.
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