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TwinAisle - good summary; I echo your thoughts exactly. It looks like he's already trying to bury this on Tw1tter - lots of chaff being re-tweeted to fill his feed (for now until he decides once again he's an airline tycoon). This is one genie that won't get back in the bottle...a group of busy and jaded aviation professionals (us!) have better things to do when he goes quiet. The many, many Jet employees publicly hanging on to the false hope that Jason will save their employer and more importantly their livelihoods (quite literally the roofs over their heads), well they may not be so peacefully disposed when the truth is revealed.

This could end badly or it could end very badly; and none of us even here would wish the harm on Jason that he really is risking with his current actions. We did try to tell him numerous times over the past months.
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