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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
Which "memory items for the stabiliser"? You mean for a runaway? (Which it wasn't). Meanwhile stick shaker, IAS disagree (toga thrust!) And, well. Pilot error I guess. Shame they couldn't just over power the stab with elevator as they say they could, eh
with a propely trained competent crew they wouldn’t have had to overpower the stab.

As as soon as erroneous stick shaker recognised. Disengage A/P and A/T, fly the plane, (anathema to many airline SOPs) set pitch and power you should have as memory item for that stage of flight.( Unreliable ASI training on your Conversion Course) Co pilot handles the aircraft while Capt. Manages an expeditious return to the departure airfield, no need to fully retract the the flaps.
It really doesn’t help leaving TOGA power set throughout, and you do of course have a G/S display as a speed reference.

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