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Originally Posted by Dee Vee View Post
What else would it be?

And it's good news, it means I can continue to fly Virgin for a while without having to worry what aircraft is operating...

Boeing's CEO is blaming "pilot error" for the 2 crashes now, despite Boeing saying no additional training of pilots was required.... They have a serious credibility gap at this point in time....
While their response was probably in poor taste and the MAX is looking more and more like a polished turd, ultimately, it was Pilot error.
Over the past few months I've seen a lot of people rant and rave about MCAS (including Pilots) who actually have very little understanding about the system.... or they understand the system entirely but fail to recognize what actually happens when it (or the sensors) fail.

The MCAS trims the Stabilizer, if it's doing this in error, you apply the memory items for the Stabilizer and disconnect it.

I agree, Boeing should have made Pilots/Airlines aware of the MCAS, why it's needed and how it functions, but as for training, none is required because if the MCAS is faulty, the existing memory items cover the potential faults, including unreliable Airspeed.
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