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Originally Posted by Just This Once... View Post
Watching the live news conference from Chicago, the Chief Exec gives me precisely zero confidence that Boeing are on top of this. He cannot bring himself to admit that the MCAS, as designed and fitted, had a major role in the accidents.
I watched the press conference too. He was absolutely correct in saying that this accident, like virtually every other one, is the result of a chain of events. MCAS is not the exclusive cause of these accidents as this lively thread demonstrates. As myself, 737 Pilot and others have been trying to say, MCAS needs work but so does the rest of the industry (manufactures, CAA's, airlines, pilot groups) in terms of pilot training, experience and skills.

Having had dealings with the media before and knowing how they like to twist facts, it would be irresponsible of the Boeing CEO to accept full responsibility for these accidents. MCAS is just one piece of the puzzle.
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