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Originally Posted by Cows getting bigger View Post
formulaben, I don't think it's that simple. For sure, I don't want children of the magenta, I see enough of them already. But equally, I think the 'better pilot' nut is far more difficult to crack than writing a more failsafe bit of software. In fact, I would want to know what you think makes a better pilot.

I want safer flying which, with a safety manager hat on, means that all elements of the system are considered. This includes from design, manufacture, training, oversight, flight crew etc. The lot.

If we end-up blaming the pilots and then allowing Boeing to get away with a fudge then we have failed as part of the industry.
For some reason you presume I don't want BOTH better automation AND better pilots. Your original question was why would I "fear such an outcome" and the outcome I was speaking to was pilot RELIANCE ON AUTOMATION. Not automation in general. I'm not letting Boeing off the hook and I'm not against better software/hardware, etc. In this instance I'm speaking about the pilots and the pilots only.

Stop putting words in my mouth.

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